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We provide customized solutions to bring your dream project to reality.

Each construction project has unique needs, no matter the size, purpose, and sector. As a reputable construction company for residential and commercial properties, FDG Services understands this aspect. We provide customized solutions to bring your dream project to reality. From building new projects to repairs and renovations, our staff delivers the best outcomes.

Our services include:

Commercial Services

We specialize in building commercial properties that are practical, aesthetically-pleasing, and cost-effective. We use various materials and ensure to finish our projects within the deadlines so that there is minimal downtime.

Residential Services

Our residential construction services provide tailored and sustainability solutions for custom homes. From permit acquisition to site preparation to project completion, our builders take a proactive approach to create what you desire.

Masonry Services

We offer reliable masonry and restoration projects. We install and repair walkways, steps, driveways, foundations, retaining walls, chimneys, and pavers.


Our tremendous experience in wood and metal framing for homes and business spaces makes us the experts in the field. Use our turnkey packages for remodeling, build-outs, or upgrades, and ensure a streamlined process.


As the leading siding suppliers and contractors in the industry, project size doesn’t matter to us. We can work hand-in-hand with other contractors or offer our comprehensive packages to create an impressive exterior for your premise.


Steep-sloped, metal, pre-fabricated, BUR, or single-ply – no matter what kind of roofing you need, choose (business name). We excel in designing fantastic, expanded living spaces for properties of all sizes and layouts.


For construction services of all kinds, from residential to commercial to retrofit, insulation is common. Our contractors work with sustainable and popular materials, such as spider insulation, spray foam, and fiberglass.


Our drywall and construction services cover original designs or total renovations for homes and commercial facilities. We use cutting-edge technologies and specialized drywall panels to ensure a lasting quality build for all our projects.


Bathrooms Remodeling 

Our bathroom remodeling contractors can do it all – from beautification to wall protection and shower upgrades to the light fixtures. Get a spa-like setting by exploring a range of bathroom elements.

Kitchen Remodeling 

Get unparalleled craftsmanship from our staff with years of experience in building dynamic kitchen designs. Change the cabinets and seating spaces or upgrade the entire kitchen to suit your current tastes, regardless of your budget.

Here you can find a complete solution under one roof


Make your guests’ first impressions last longer with gorgeous door designs that reflect your style. Our door installation service offers more performance and value with sturdy products for each home’s requirements.


Eliminate drafts and heat loss with window replacement and installation services from our certified professionals. Get more energy savings and add property value with low-maintenance custom options and increase your comfort levels.


Corporate and residential flooring needs are different, as are their purposes. Whether you choose tile, concrete, wood, or stone, our flooring contractors are adept at handling your needs while sticking to realistic deadlines.


Turn your basement into a comfortable game room or home theatre with the right ceiling construction services. We offer professional installation solutions for budget projects from free-hanging, acoustic, drop, tile, or high ceilings.


With hundreds of repeat customers and referrals, we are leading plumbing contractors in NJ. From new projects to repairs or upgrades, our services range from showers and bathrooms in homes, motels, and resorts to sinks in kitchens and restaurants.


Besides installing electricals as part of our construction services, we also provide inspections and advice to correct inefficiencies and reduce your energy bills. Our top priority is to deliver a safe and reliable electrical system for your property.


We provide rigorously-tested injection molding products that stand apart from others in the market. We have plastic, wood, and vinyl trims for doors, windows, and ceiling, ideal for your specific needs.

Thank you so much to your competent team at FDG Universal Solutions, for putting our wonderful home together. "

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