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When it is time to tear down the old flooring and lay a new one, you will need professional flooring contractors.

FDG experts are trained, licensed, and experienced to know when to replace or repair the flooring. Get a certified team to build a solid foundation beneath your feet.

Our services:


Every area in your home, namely, the entryway, kitchen, bathroom, basement, and laundry room, see varying traffic. Accordingly, you can use different materials for the flooring. We also offer grout cleaning and maintenance to extend the lifespan of the structures.


Proper planning is vital when it comes to commercial spaces. By partnering with us, you can finish the build without any operational delays and generate significant savings in the long run. Our flooring contractors work with a variety of materials for new installations and remodeling projects.

Concrete Floor Repair  

Make the most of your investment by resurfacing your concrete flooring to help it last for a longer period and increase its durability. We can grind, repair, and restore your stained concrete, textured, and resinous flooring options to shine like new.


Laminate flooring is a synthetic blend of premium natural options like wood and stone. These flooring products come in digital prints and unlimited colors and finishes, such as distressed, polished, or patterned looks. They are hypoallergenic and low in upkeep needs.

Vinyl Plank  

Vinyl plank is one of the best materials for kitchens, bathrooms, cafés, and restaurants because it is water-resistant. It doesn’t stain or need a lot of maintenance other than regular mopping and cleaning. We can install durable and colorful options that suit your living space.

Hardwood Floor  

Wood flooring is elegant and timeless, with virtually endless options. It is highly durable and can withstand heavy trampling, making it one of the perfect choices for specialty healthcare settings. Choose from engineered, locking, and solid hardwood floors with varying levels of stability and lifespans.


We offer personalized support to help you pick the right carpet flooring for your facility. Carpets are high-performing, aesthetically versatile, and provide long-term value. It is more common in office spaces, but homeowners also choose it as it is budget-friendly and easy to maintain.


Tile is a nonporous material, which means moisture doesn’t seep through it, and so, no stains can form on the surface. It won’t harbor germs, provided you install it correctly. Our flooring contractors properly seal the grout lines and prevent mold growth.

I would highly recommend FDG Universal Services for anyone considering building or remodeling a home." Luis Mayer.

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