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Make Your Home or Business an Inviting Space for Your Visitors with Professional Painting Services

In an office setting or personal life, appearances play a major role in deciding how people perceive you. Hiring a reputed painting company can help you make the mark. With exciting color patterns on the outside and indoors, you can win over your guests.

Our services:

Corporate Office Painting

The psychology of color is crucial in enticing the attention of your customers. With a reputable painting company like FDG, you know that your office is in the right hands. Our office painting professionals use proper color schemes for each business setting. We provide timely deliveries without compromising on the painting project’s quality.

Interior Commercial Painting

For new establishments and old properties, we offer top-notch interior painting solutions. We prep the surfaces, prime them, and apply non-toxic paints to make your office interiors more welcoming. This includes covering the expensive furnishings, fixtures, and outlets before painting. We apply paint extenders so that the color dries slowly without making ugly lap marks during the second coating.

Exterior Painting

Our residential painting service focuses on improving the curb appeal of your home. At the same time, our industry-leading painting techniques extend the lifespan of your building materials. Our products, binders, and additives form a protective layer on the surface of your home exterior, offering protection against environmental pollutants, extreme weather conditions, and dirt.

Interior Painting

Aside from office painting, our staff also specializes in painting home interiors. We help you decide the right colors for various areas of your house and suggest the best combinations to suit your style. Before painting, we remove fragile objects and fix small repairs in the wall. We provide guaranteed results in the first attempt and ensure customer satisfaction.

Wallpaper Removal and Installation Services

The tricky and lengthy wallpaper removal process can become easy when you outsource it to (business name). Our trained professionals deliver impeccable results by handling the intricate procedure carefully. We access the room size, layout, and your individual needs. Using the highest-quality removal and installation tools, we finish the job without damage to your wall.

Drywall Repair, Tape & Texture

Crumbling drywall is more than just an eyesore. It diminishes the structural integrity of your building and indoor comfort. Your business patrons may get distracted by looking at messy and poorly-maintained walls. We ensure a seamless texture to the surfaces with our commercial painting services that use up-to-date tape and repair methods.

I would highly recommend FDG Universal Services for anyone considering building or remodeling a home." Luis Mayer.

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Homeowners and business managers forever face the need to create a first great impression. And rightly so. Your living space speaks volumes about you.

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